What People Are Saying

“The sessions were constructed well. Facilitates excellent discussion. Appreciated the stories shared by everyone and open, transparent discussion. Stages of stepfamily development was very insightful.” – August workshop attendee

The most helpful takeaways: “Hearing stories from everyone; stages of stepfamily development and priorities for a helpful remarriage; the visuals.” -August workshop attendee

“Open discussion was helpful. The binder and slides – very beneficial for future use. The relaxed/encouraging environment made it easy to open up and share. Overall – very helpful and presentation was great!” – August workshop attendee

“Sharing of others experiences was very valuable. I liked the open dialogue approach that was used.” – August workshop attendee

“Workshop was wonderful! Loved the videos and quotes from authors. Loved the table discussions! It was great to get feedback from others and realize we are not alone and all of the struggle is normal! Everything was so well organized and articulated!” – August workshop attendee

“A lot of very useful information in every slide. The encouragement to put together an action plan is motivating to continue to press forward even when difficult times are expected.” – Feb. 2024 workshop attendee

“I met Jennifer more than a decade ago, and have seen her intentionality in raising her own children and living a life that matters. When she started at Care to Change Counseling as a student and later as a therapist, her passion was to equip blended families, and she committed herself to learning whatever tools would be effective in that area. Her passion and purpose have stayed steady over the years and I’m so glad Jennifer and her husband started this ministry to meet such an important need. I would trust blended families to her care and look forward to hearing about the lives changed from her courageous work.” 
April Bordeau
Managing Director and Therapist
Care to Change Counseling Center 

“Having known Mark for over 10 years and served with him multiple times in an effort to help men become better husbands, fathers and leaders, I can say with confidence that Mark and Jennifer are definitely called and equipped to lead IndyBlended.  As a stepdad myself, I know the challenges, difficulties and rewards that come along with that role and embracing a new family.  Mark has faced many of the same things that I did, that many stepparents do and battled the ups and downs with humility, grace and love.  He has come out on the backside of it with a wealth of knowledge and passion to help others love their stepchildren well and guide them through the role of being a great stepparent.  I know Mark and Jennifer’s story and their desire to see others lead well in the stepparent role, makes them incredibly qualified to spearhead this new ministry.  I’m looking forward to hearing incredible stories of success, redemption and stronger relationships because of the work they’ll be doing.”

Rob Leonard

National Field Director

Man in the Mirror

“I have known Mark and Jennifer for the past 17 years and have watched God do amazing things in and through their lives. They both possess a passion for God and a deep desire to bring healing and hope to those who are broken and in grief.  Through their various jobs, life experiences and training, they have accumulated an impressive gift set that allows them to lead and teach with confidence and clarity. One of the areas that they are most equipped in is marriage and family – in particular, blended families. Not only do they have an incredible story of how God brought their family together but they have gained invaluable insights that will benefit those who participate in the Indy Blended conferences. I wholeheartedly endorse the Streges as people of integrity, compassion and wisdom.”

Pastor Denis Roy

Executive Pastor of Brownsburg Vineyard Church

“Mark and Jennifer will authentically and passionately equip and empower blended families to navigate unique challenges and thrive. Their story is one of great pain and great joy. I can’t imagine anyone more qualified and gifted to serve blended families in the Indianapolis community.”

Kent Susud

Founder and CEO, SportQuest Ministries