Indy Blended
Inspiring hope to marriages and families to put an end to the cycle of divorce.

Why offer hope for step families?

Did you know that more than 40% of married couples with children (i.e., families) in the United States are stepcouples (at least one partner had a child from a previous relationship before marriage)?

Approximately 1/3 of all weddings in America today form stepfamilies.

42% of adults (approx. 102 million) have a step-relationship (either a stepparent, a step or half sibling, or a stepchild).

Unfortunately, 66% of those living together or remarried break up when children are involved, most within only 2-3 years.

75% of blended families complain of “not having access to support resources as a stepfamily,” according to a recent Stepfamily Foundation survey.

(US Bureau of Census as summarized by the Stepfamily Foundation, Inc., 2023.)

How we help

IndyBlended equips stepfamily re-married couples and couples considering re-marriage through interactive workshops designed to (1) identify and recognize the unique challenges of stepfamily living, (2) provide biblical guidance and practical resources leading to the creation of a customized stepfamily action plan for each of the participants, and (3) facilitate on-going support through connection with peers and mentors. The workshop content is equivalent to more than four months of focused stepfamily therapy or years of trial and error in stepfamily living representing < $1,000 financial value for the current cost of only $40.00 per participant. Individual and couples pre-marital counseling is also provided on an as-needed basis.

Our next workshop will be held at Second Chance Church in Plainfield, IN, Friday evening and Saturday, August 23-24, 2023. We will provide snacks on Friday evening and a continental breakfast and lunch on Saturday. The price for the workshop is $40.00 per person.

Can’t make it in August? Register for our workshop on November 8th and 9th here.

We’re here to help.

Please contact us with any questions you may have, or if we can help in any way! We’re looking forward to hearing from you.